6 Best Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitar in 2023

A pin is a device that holds your acoustic guitar strings in place. You will notice them on the bridge of acoustic guitars. You need to remove them before you place a new string on your guitar. Some pins improve the sound to a certain degree.

In a Hurry? Here Are the Best Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitar

What is Pin on an Acoustic Guitar?

The pin is an important part of your guitar. It’s also called a guitar pin. This is a small device that has a groove in it. When it’s placed into the hole on the saddle, it clamps down over the string so the string that can’t fly off the instrument. It essentially holds the string ball end inside the guitar. It stabilizes the guitar string and helps the string keep its tone and tuning. Not all acoustic guitars have them. For example, nylon-string guitars have the strings tied to the bridge, without the need for pins.

The pins are made with different materials. Common materials include bone, wood, plastic, and metal. You’ll get a bright tone with metal, but a lot of people that don’t like this. You’ll get better sustain by using bone or wood. Cheaper acoustic guitars usually just have plain plastic ones that don’t change the sound that much. You can get pins that last a long time by using ones that are made out of bone.

Do Guitar Pins Make a Difference in Sound?

Yes. You will notice different sounds depending upon the type of pin you use. For example, a brass pin might be sturdy, but it has a harsh sound. You will get a warmer tone with ebony ones than you will with ones that are made out of wood or plastic. Probably won’t notice the sound is all that different, but there can be some subtle differences. You may want to experiment with different types of material for your bridge pins If the tone is important to you.

Are Bone Pins Better?

Bone pins sound better than materials such as plastic. You will have more volume, clarity, and better sustained when you use a bone pin. You will end up spending more for bone pins then you will for once made out of plastic or ebony. If you’re going to use bone , you will probably want a bone saddle, as this will also enhance the sound. These will last a lot longer when compared to cheap plastic.

What Size Pins do I Need?

Acoustic guitars have a standard size pin. Most of the ones you buy should fit your acoustic You may want to check with your manufacturer to ensure that you’re getting the right size pin for your acoustic guitar. In most cases, there is not going to be a difference.

How to Use Pins

There are a few things you need to know to use these products effectively. They are a key part of your acoustic guitar. Your acoustic won’t function correctly without them. In fact, you can’t even put strings on your guitar If you don’t have proper bridge pins. Here is how to put strings on your guitar and use the bridge pins in the correct manner.

Removing a String and Pin

Use a peg winder to detune your guitar string. Once the string is fully detuned, take it off of the machine head. Use the notch on the peg winder and place this over the pin. You can give the pin a slight tug, and it will pop out of the guitar. This is the easiest way to get a pin out, and it won’t damage the pins. Don’t use pliers or other devices to try and get it out because you may damage the pin or break it. A peg winder is a perfect tool for removing a pin.

Replacing a String and Seating the Pin

Once a string has been removed, you want to take another fresh string and put the ball into the hole of the acoustic guitar where the bridge pin was located. You want to then take the pain and push it into the hole. You want to make sure the pin is snug. You didn’t want to wrap the guitar string and around the Machine Head and through the hole. You can then start tuning the string.

It’s a good idea to put one finger on the pin and to hold this in place as you are tuning the guitar. You should give the guitar string a slight tug to make sure it is properly up against the pin inside the hole. If the bridge pin moves a little bit, you want to give the string another bit of a tug so that it is placed correctly against the pin. Once the string is properly seated, it won’t move, and you can tune the guitar up to pitch.

Best Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitar Reviews

1. Crosby Audio Pure Bone Bridge Pins with Abalone Dot Inlay – Best Bone Bridge Pins

Crosby Pure Bone Bridge Pins with Abalone Dot Inlay for 6 & 12 String Acoustic Guitar

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These bridge pins by Crosby Audio provide excellent tone. If you have been frustrated by the sound of your acoustic guitar, try these pins as they are a great value

These pins give you an improved tone. They are slotted and made out of bone. They add more sustain, tone, clarity, and volume when playing an acoustic. They have an attractive appearance because they have an abalone inlay on the top. They will not swell or break like wood or plastic ones. There is an enhanced slot on these, so they are easy to remove when compared to other pins. You can have your money refunded within 30 days if you do not like them.


  • Long-lasting
  • Provide better tone


  • Cost more than other pins
  • Might not fit some guitars

2. Rosenice 6pcs Rosewood Guitar Pins – Best Wood Pins

Rosenice 6pcs Rosewood Guitar Bridge Pins End Pin Set

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Some players preferred wood bridge pins. They tend to blend in nicely with your acoustic guitar bridge. These pins by Rosenice make an excellent choice for your instrument.

The pins are designed to fit any sized acoustic guitar. They are easy-to-use, portable, and will last you a long time because they’re made of rosewood which is a hardwood which mini guitar bridges are made out of. You can use these pins to replace damaged or old ones. They will help improve the sound of your instrument. If you have been looking for e high-quality wood pins, these are an excellent choice.


  • Fir in with the color of many bridges
  • Look great


  • Wood pins can crack or warp over time
  • Some buyers had quality control issues

3. Kmise Pins – Best Brass Bridge Pins

Kmise Z5246H6 6 Piece Brass Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins (

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If you’re looking for a unique look for your acoustic guitar, you might want to try some brass bridge pins. This set by Kmise might be exactly what you are looking for.

Brass is a solid material for making pins. These pins will last for years without wearing out. If you’re looking to save money, brass is the way to go. They look great on almost any acoustic guitar. These pins have a universal size and they should fit most acoustic guitars. You won’t have to worry about them any longer if you buy ones made out of brass such as this set by Kmise.


  • Long-lasting
  • Looks great


  • Some don’t like the tone
  • More expensive than another bridge pin materials

4. Musiclily Slotted Bridge Pins – Best Cheap Bridge Pins

Musiclily SlottedGuitar Ebony Bridge Pins Endpins for Taylor Martin Acoustic Guitar Replacement, Black with White Pearl Shell Dot (Pack of 6)

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If you don’t have a lot of money, you might want to try these bridge pins by Musiclily. you will save that money and get a decent quality bridge pin for your acoustic instrument.

This set of 6 bridge pins will fit most acoustic guitars including talk their models such as Taylor and Martin. They are made with ebony and they have a white pearl dot on the head of the pin for an attractive appearance. They look great on almost any instrument and are better than plastic ones. If you want a nice upgrade for your acoustic guitar this is a solid choice at an affordable price.


  • Low cost
  • Attractive appearance


  • May not fit all acoustic guitars

5. Simtyso ABS Plastic Bridge Pins – Best Plastic Bridge Pins

Simtyso 6pcs Black Acoustic Guitar ABS Plastic Bridge Pins

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Some players prefer plastic bridge pins such as the ABS plastic pins by Simtyso. Here is what you get with these pins.

These are standard plastic bridge pins that have an ivory look to them. They have a white center so they look attractive on your guitar. They are made out of ABS plastic so they will last a long time. They are very easy to install on your acoustic guitar. They will fit most instruments including Taylor and Martin instruments. If you’re looking for a simple product for an acoustic instrument, these are a good one to have on hand.


  • Easy to use
  • Look great


  • Don’t last as long as other materials

6. Martin Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins – Best Pro Bridge Pin

Martin Bridge and end pin Set (18APP50)

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A lot of pins are made poorly. You never know quite what you’re going to get when you order. You can rest assured that you’ll get a high-quality pin If you order this Martin product. These are the same ones that go on a Martin acoustic guitars. This company is known for producing excellent instruments so you can rely on these pins to give you the performance that you need.

You get seven products when you order so you’ll have an extra one in case you get a breakage. You’ll also have a larger pin for your strap button. The pins are ebony with a pearl inlay so they look attractive on any acoustic guitar. They will last you a long time and help to stabilize the tuning of your instrument. This is a high-quality Martin product. You get an attractive case to store them.


  • Well known brand
  • Nice design
  • Carrying case


  • Higher cost


There are several different materials used to make these products. You’ll have to decide on the material that you want to use. Wood can be ideal as a bridge pin but they can wear out. Plastic is fine if you just want a cheap pin. If you want pins that are made to a higher quality you’re probably going to want to go with ebony pins or ones made out of brass.

I recommended the Martin Acoustic Bridge Pins because these are the same ones that go in Martin instruments which are made to a high standard. I also think the Kmise Bridge Pins are a good value because they are made out of brass which is going to last you forever. For those that don’t have a lot of money to spend the try the Musiclily Slotted Bridge Pins as this is a cheap set for any acoustic instrument.