8 of the Best Guitars for Country Music

You have a lot to think about when looking for great country guitars. You have to decide whether you want an electric guitar or an acoustic instrument. You may want a combination of them depending upon the individual country style that you play. This guide will help you find the best instrument for country music.

guitar with a cowboy hat and rope

Building a Metal Sound – The 5 Best Metal Pedals for Distortion

Metal is one of the genres of music that really makes use of pedals for creating signature sounds. Many metal guitarists have very specific requirements for their pedals and find themselves looking for certain things to give the crunch and distortion they are looking for. In this guide, we discuss the best pedals for metal …

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Metal Pedal for guitar

Best Bass Guitar for Beginners

There are several factors you need to consider when looking for the best bass guitar for beginners. The bass is a lot different than a regular electric guitar, so you have to know what you’re going to be buying.

Bass guitarist

Best Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitar

A pin is a device that holds your acoustic guitar strings in place. You will notice them on the bridge of acoustic guitars. You need to remove them before you place a new string on your guitar. Some pins improve the sound to a certain degree.

Acoustic guitar bridge pins

Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners in 2021

Getting your first acoustic guitars is an exciting time. You might not know exactly what to look for in a quality instrument. There are several things to consider when looking for the best acoustic guitar for beginners. This guide will help you pick out your new acoustic guitar.

Man playing acoustic guitar
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