Best Gifts for Guitar Players for Christmas 2023

Buying gifts for our loved ones can definitely be a chore, but if you have a guitar player in your life, it could be made easier by buying a guitar related gift. If you’re not experienced with the world of guitar playing and don’t know where to start, use our handy guide on the best gifts for guitar players to inspire you. All of these gift ideas would be perfect for Christmas, birthday’s and any other special occasion, and we’re sure the guitar player in your life will love them too.

All of the present ideas mentioned below are great for guitarists who:

  • Are learning to play or have years of experience playing
  • Play in a band
  • Already have every album, book, and record about guitars you could think of
  • Are looking to spice up their guitar playing

If you think that any of these suits the guitarist in your life, read on…

Cool Straps

Getting a brand new guitar strap has been likened to someone receiving a new pair of shoes or getting a gift card to your favorite store. Every guitar player will love a brand new guitar strap.

When making your choice for an electric guitar or acoustic guitar strap, there are a few things you should look out for that may earn you extra brownie points on the gift-giving scale.

  • Pick out a style and design that suits the taste of your guitarist
  • Make sure it will fit the type of guitar they have
  • Try to choose a strap that has the same color set of the guitar – this is what looks best
  • Check they haven’t bought one recently

Guitar Related Paraphernalia

There are so many accessories you can buy as gifts for guitar players. Picks, t-shirts, scarves – all of them can relate to a guitar player on some level. If there’s a particular guitarist they like, why not get them a band t-shirt featuring their favorite artist?

One thing an electric guitar player or someone who plays acoustic guitars can never have enough of is picks. They’re lost continuously or misplaced, and you’ll be hard placed to find a musician who doesn’t have at least two in their bag. There are options now to have picks personalized with names, and you can also get band themed gifts for guitar players as well. Picks can work great as stocking fillers at Christmas too.

Guitar Tool Kits for Guitar Players

Even if the guitarist you know is a beginner, they will still benefit from owning their very own guitar tool kit. There are plenty of choices available online and in music shops. Typically your modern-day guitar tool kit will include:

  • Screwdrivers
  • String cutters
  • Mini MagLite
  • Trem poker
  • String winder
  • Various allen wrenches

Guitar tools kits make the best types of gifts because you can personalize them as well. Add in those personal touches like a guitar pick, some polish, or a set of extra strings. If you’re feeling extra generous, you may want to match the tool kit with a really cool Fender or Marshall guitar strap as well.

Phone Holders

One of the most genius inventions that make a great gift for guitar players is the phone holder. It can save guitarists hours of hunching over a computer screen or sheet music to learn a few chords. All you need to do is clip the phone holder onto the end of the guitar and pull up your chord sheet. The idea of a phone holder as gifts for guitar players may earn you some serious cool points.

More benefits of phone holders for guitarists include:

  • Being able to have chord sheets available at the click of a button without having to stop and read sheet music
  • Phones can be used as tuners and having the device handy in the holder makes this process a lot easier
  • Most holders will work with a lot of different phones sizes

Slide Rings

Slide rings, for those who don’t know, allow the guitarist to perform slides that then create deep vibratos and glissando effects. Most commonly, this technique is used for blues guitar players, but plenty of guitarists will love to receive a great slide ring.

Unlike a traditional slide that covers your entire finger, the ring can be used when it’s time to perform the slide but frees up the rest of your fingers for playing chords. It’s a really great option for guitarists to practice the technique as well.

Guitar Lessons

Remember that this guide isn’t just for professional guitarists. Even beginners can benefit from all of the items listed here, and the best idea for a new guitar player would be contributing to their learning. Giving somebody the gift of music is something that will keep on giving for a lifetime. All of the accessories you can get like wireless tuners, amps, and gig bags are useless unless the person knows how to play.

There’s plenty of local musicians who would be ready and willing to provide lessons to any willing student, and the prices range accordingly. You can even go online and buy gift certificates as a last-minute option for guitar lessons too.


Guitar pedals are a really cool gift for guitarists. All of the greats from Clapton to Hendrix have used wah pedals to create their music, so you’re gift recipient will be right up there with some of the best. Using pedals can also add more fun to playing music as well.

Of course, there will be a slight learning curve when beginners use pedals, but it will be totally worth it for a great payoff in the long run. There are a lot of tutorial videos available online that anyone can use to perfect their pedal technique too.

Gig and Guitar Bags

You may think that a guitar case is all a guitarist needs to carry their instrument around. While a case is, of course, essential for transportation, a gig bag may be a better option. As well as protecting the guitar itself, gig bags are a great option because:

  • There are tonnes of storage so things like cables, picks, and sheet music can be easily carried wherever the guitarist needs them
  • Some bags have compartments for laptops which are useful when recording or playing live gigs
  • Gig bags have backpack straps and cable management systems, so it’s an organized and efficient way of carrying your instrument with you

Overall giving the present of a gig bag is a great idea for those who don’t already have one.

String Cleaner

So a string cleaner may sound like the most boring present on the planet, but you’d be wrong to think that. Guitar players love having clean strings. Cleaner strings mean the guitar produces a higher quality of sound, and what musician wouldn’t want that?

There are a whole host of string cleaning options available online and in music stores. It may be worth your time to do some investigation into the person’s string material and current cleaning techniques, as you wouldn’t want to buy them something they can’t use.

Having a clean and well-lubricated set of strings will:

  • Preserve the overall quality and integrity of the strings
  • Reduce the amount of unwanted noise the strings produce
  • Make it easier to slide fingers up and down the strings for quick chord changes

A string cleaner makes what is usually a tiresome chore into something easy and quick to do. All the guitar player has to do is swipe the cleaner across the strings, and they will be ready to start playing.


For non-guitar players, a capo may seem like a strange little gadget that doesn’t seem that useful. However, every guitarist will see a capo as a great present because of how versatile these small devices are.

A capo allows the guitar player to quickly and easily change the pitch of their music. There are a whole host of different brands and styles to choose from, but we would recommend not opting for the super cheap ones. Do your research before diving in to see which one your guitar player would benefit from the most. Even though the device seems pretty straightforward, the quality of it definitely does matter.

Another thing to check before purchasing a capo is what kind of guitar your friend or a family member plays. Electric and acoustic guitars will have different capo type, and this can make a big difference between a great present and a dud present.

Amp Systems

Amplifier and sound systems are a present idea for those who are willing to splash some cash on their loved ones. This is the biggest and best gift you could ever buy for a guitarist (aside from the actual instrument itself). Now, these things don’t come cheap, so if you are looking to impress someone with such a lavish gift, then be prepared to splash a little cash.

Sound systems and amps are a guitarist’s best friend. They can take their playing from mundane to exciting by just plugging in one cable. The best amps available on the market have integrated bass speakers as well as loudspeaker technology, enabling them to produce incredible sounds.

As well as the standard, large, bulky amps, there is a range of wireless and portable options available as well. Mini amps have attachments that mean the guitarist can attach them to their pocket or trousers as they play. While the size may compromise on sound a little bit, overall, the result is very much the same as the bigger versions. Not to mention it looks kind of cool as well.

Recording Equipment

Does the guitarist in your life dream of recording their music to share with the world? The guitar is actually a straightforward instrument to record, and buying something like a microphone for them could help them begin their journey into the studio. Not all of the equipment is expensive either, and it’s an idea you can build on for more present ideas in the future.


What does your musician friend or family member do with their guitar when it’s not being used? How do they read their sheet music from a distance? If you notice a severe lack of stands in their playing, why not fill that void with a present?

It’s a proven fact that those who have their guitar out and on display are much more likely to pick it up and play more often. Guitar stands are an essential accessory for any musician as it allows them the freedom to grab it whenever they want. A stand also displays the instrument safely without ever having to worry about it falling over and breaking.

Music stands are also an essential guitar accessory, especially for those just learning how to play. Having your chord charts on the floor or on a table can be very awkward. A music stand is perfect for holding sheet music at the ideal height while you learn to play. There are even options for music stands that clip onto the guitar or microphone as well if your present recipient is in a band.


What does every guitarist need?

It all depends on how skilled the guitarist is and if they have an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. You can never go wrong with the basic accessories which include:

  • Spare strings
  • A guitar tuner
  • Guitar cables
  • Capos
  • Guitar straps
  • Guitar cases or gig bags
  • Guitar slide
  • Picks
  • Stands

What do you get a guitar player for his birthday?

Any idea from our guide above will be a great gift for a guitarist’s birthday. There’s such a vast range of gifts for guitar players that you can’t really go wrong when choosing an accessory for their favorite instrument.

What do you get a man who loves music?

If you have a man in your life who loves music but doesn’t actually play an instrument, why not get him some lessons? One of the most perfect gifts you could buy for the guitarist in your life is a set of lessons to either nail to the basics or brush up on some of the more advanced skills.

What do you buy a musician for Christmas?

Christmas can be a tricky occasion to buy for because there are so many options for guitar players thrown at you from every angle. Take a look at our guide above to see some of the great gift choices you have for the guitarist in your life. You may well come across something you would never have thought to buy them before!

A Summary

Do any of these gift ideas strike a chord for the guitar players in your life? We hope you found this list helpful and that every guitarist gets a great gift they’ve always wanted for their instrument. If you do choose to use any of the items off this list or think we’ve left something out, please feel free to leave a reply in our comments section.