5 Easy Eagles Songs on Guitar for Novice Players

The Eagles are an incredibly popular band all around the world and have sold over 200 million records throughout their career. Their pieces have become songs everyone knows and have managed to become mainstays of classic rock. In the 70s the Eagles were one of the biggest rock bands in the music industry and wrote a long list of hits that gave them legendary status. Here are some easy Eagles songs on guitar that you can learn at the most basic level and build on your overall skills.

1. Peaceful Easy Feeling

Composed by Jack Tempchin, we’re kicking off our list with Peaceful Easy Feeling. Glenn Frey first heard him play this and asked if he could go on to develop it into a more classic Eagles sound. He was then a newbie to the band, but the song quickly was added to the Eagles catalog of top hits. Frey handed over a demo tape and the band loved it so much, they were in total disbelief. Now it’s one of their most well-known songs and will suit acoustic guitar or electric guitars for that rock feeling.

2. Take It Easy

What’s easier than taking it easy and getting a great guitar lesson in strumming and chord progression at the same time? Take it Easy is very much a signature when it comes to Eagles songs. It was originally started by Jackson Browne in 1971 but he had a tough time trying to finish it.

Frey lived in the same building as Browne so when he was having trouble, he decided to jump in and help. Together they were able to finish it and arrange it in a way that was more classic eagles than the original concept Browne had. It then went on to become the debut single for the band.

3. Lyin’ Eyes

Lyin’ Eyes was the song written by the Eagles that helped them win a Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Group. Don Henley and Frey both worked together on this guitar song, coming up with both the title and the idea while in an LA bar owned by Dan Tana. Over two nights, they were able to put their heads together and come up with another hit that would rival Hotel California for the band.

Frey stated that once they sat down to write the song, everything just flowed easily. They didn’t get stuck on any of the chords of guitar parts and the lyrics came naturally to them. Songs don’t always get written in this way so it’s quite a unique story. Lyin’ Eyes can be played on both acoustic and electric guitars as long as you nail the chord progression and other technicalities of the song.

4. Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise was the first single released from the LP Desperado, the second to be written by the band. Frey originally came up with the guitar riff that you hear in this song. When he showed this riff to Don Henley, he liked it so much he wanted to write a song to match it. It was another quick turnaround of a song for the band.

When asked what the inspiration was, Henley said that it was based on when they wanted to talk to women in bars. Oftentimes they would find themselves not having the courage to do so, so would take a few shots to build up the courage. Once the drinks set in, the courage would flow and that’s what this song is all about. We’ve included a guitar lesson for this piece below. It is for more advanced beginner guitarists so make sure you nail the basics as a novice so you can get those chords down.

5. Already Gone

Already Gone is one of the very few songs that wasn’t actually written by a band member. It was penned by the songwriters Robb Strandlund and Jack Tempchin. The latter then went on to send the tape to Frey in the hopes that he would love the acoustic guitar and chord progression featured in the piece. Luckily Frey had just exited from a relationship so the track really resonated with him. Both Don Felder and Frey play twin guitar solos in this song which is why the Eagles are so great in my mind.


We love the Eagles, from Hotel California all the way to Tequila Sunrise. They’ve come out with some great songs with brilliant chord progressions and excellent playing by truly talented musicians. We hope you enjoyed our list of easy Eagles songs on guitar that will be fun to learn as a beginner and build on your base skills.


Is Hotel California hard to play on guitar?

No, it’s not too hard as long as you spend the time to nail the more technical sides of the song. Many people say that it’s hard to memorize the piece solo than it is to actually play it.

Who’s the best guitarist in the Eagles?

The Eagles had some really good guitarists by Don Felder probably stands out the most. He was the lead guitarist for the band which he was a part of from 1974 to 2001. He was able to master any chord progression or strumming pattern thrown his way which makes a really solid guitarist.

What kind of guitars did the Eagles commonly use?

Most of the time the band would use guitars from the 60s, both acoustic and electric versions. They favored the Ernie Bal Music Man instruments and often played with the Axis and Silhouette models. There was also the three-tone sunburst Stratocaster from Fender that appeared in many of their live shows.

What was Joe Walsh’s favorite guitar?

Joe Walsh did a lot of interviews about his preferred guitar choices. He often said that he favored the 1958 Les Paul Goldtop the most. Another favorite of the artist was the Fender Stratocaster which a lot of different artists in the industry will use to create their songs. When asked why he uses these makes and models so often, he said he was ‘not sure anybody has topped them in all these years’.