Ukulele String Names and How to Remember Them

During the last few months the ukulele has had a huge boost in popularity as more people are stuck inside and want to find a new hobby. If you have found yourself with a new ukulele then the first place you will need to start is to identify the names of the different strings.

Ukulele is a great first instrument for many people to learn and it’s also brilliant for children because of its size. All you need to know is a few basic string names and learn how to remember them to get started playing. In this guide we are looking at the different string names so you can start playing your instrument in no time.

Ukulele String Names

Unlike a guitar that normally has six strings the ukulele only has four. Placing your ukulele in your right hand, you need to start from the closest string to your chin. Move in the direction of your toes and the names of the strings in this order are G, C, E and A.

A simple way to remember the order of ukulele strings is to use the acronym Good Charlie Eats a Lot.

Using Acronyms

Acronyms are a great way of remembering the names of the four different strings on a ukulele. Committing the strings to memory if you’ve never played this instrument before can be tricky so an acronym is a brilliant method for this. Good Charlie Eats a Lot is one such acronym you can use for the ukulele. The first letter of each of these words stands for one of the string names. As long as you can remember the acronym you will never forget the names of the strings again.

Now you know what each string is tuned to you are well on your way to playing chords. You will also be able to pick up skills such as reading sheet music or tabs and understanding chord charts. If you want to create your very own acronym that’s fine as well, just make sure it’s memorable enough for you to never forget the ukulele string names.

So that’s the basic of the ukulele string names. Now that you’ve got that down you may be ready to move on to some of the most used chords in tabs and sheet music which we’ve detailed below.

Useful Ukulele Chords

A lot of popular songs out there today can be played using the basic four chords which are easy on the ukulele. By learning the essential chords we’re about to go through you’ll instantly have access to hundreds of great songs you’ll be able to play with ease. Even if you are an absolute beginner you will want to ensure these chords are learned, practiced and nailed perfectly before moving on to playing songs.

  • C Major – C major is a chord that is useful on any instrument. Hold your ukulele and place your finger on the third fret. The tip of your finger should be on the A string with this fret pressed down, then strum all four strings at the same time.
  • F Major – F major on a guitar is incredibly difficult but it’s really easy on the ukulele. To play it you can put your middle finger on the G strings second fret. Take your index finger and put on the E strings first fret. Then strum all four strings to play your second chord.
  • G Major – Next up is the G major chord which every beginner should learn. Take your middle finger and put in on the A strings second fret. Your ring finger will need to go on the E strings third fret and then your index finger goes on the C strings second fret. Play all four of the strings together, making sure none of your fingers mute out the other strings.
  • A Minor – The last useful chord is really simple to play. Put your middle finger on the G strings second fret and play all the strings together.


Now that you know the names of all these strings you should be well on your way to playing songs in no time. Happy playing!