Find Out Why Guitar is the Best Instrument to Learn and Play Right Now

The world of music should never be seen as a competition, but if it was then we would definitely give a trophy to the guitar. The guitar is one of those instruments that gives you so much variety and range, probably more so than any other instrument out there. In this article, we are going to encourage you to learn to play one of the best instruments in the world – the guitar.


Thanks to the different electric and acoustic guitar parts, these instruments are incredibly portable. Being able to take your instrument wherever you want is a huge plus. You don’t have to lug around heavy equipment either. Even an electric guitar can use a small amp, with some being lightweight enough to attach to your belt. The same portability aspect can’t be said for a lot of other instruments such as the drums.

Anyone Can Play

You don’t really need to worry about how long does it take to learn guitar either because it’s so simple to play. No matter what age you are, this instrument can be picked up learned right there and then. There are so many instructional videos and online tutorials which are completely free for you to learn how to play. No matter what your circumstances there shouldn’t be much standing in your way so you are able to play this popular instrument. Some of the best guitar players in the world are completely self-taught so it’s a great instrument to just pick up and get going.


Another great aspect that should encourage you to play guitar is the affordability factor. There are guitar players out there that use the cheapest instruments possible and you wouldn’t even know it because of how well they play. You can pick up an affordable guitar for around $100 but there are guitars available for much cheaper which are ideal for beginners.


Let’s face it – the guitar looks pretty awesome. Putting that guitar strap around you and picking up that pick – it’s impossible not to feel cool. Hitting power chords gives you a real rush and the overall experience of playing the guitar is not like any other instrument. The only other energetic instrument we could match it to is the drums, but these don’t carry the portability and affordability factor.

Social Aspects

Being a guitarist opens you up to a whole community of instrumentalists. It’s a cool instrument to jam along with other people and may even encourage you to join a band. You’ll be able to exercise those creative muscles and even write your own songs which will further help you connect with other people. If you’ve ever had problems connecting with people socially then being able to have the guitar is a great conversation starter. It’s such a social instrument that makes it so desirable to play guitar.


Sometimes you want to be Ed Sheeran, other days you want to be Eric Clapton. The guitar is just so versatile that you can play whatever genre of music you want. It can shed its skin and take you from rock legend to blues crooner in a matter of seconds. The instrument has evolved over the years, especially in the last hundred years. There are so many different variations like sounds, shapes, colors – the possibilities are endless. With other instruments, you just don’t get this level of versatility like you do with the guitar.


Being able to express your thought and feelings through the medium of music is a beautiful thing and it’s the reason why so many people want to learn in the first place. Many music genres like soul, grunge and blues are driven by the raw emotions that the artists want to express. Music acts as a much better medium for people as well because we understand it much more. Learning all of the techniques that go along with the guitar such as note bending, hammer-ons and slides allow you to express yourself more than any other instrument.


Because the guitar is so popular there are infinite resources available online and most are there for free. Things like tutorials, videos, tabs and sheet music for guitarists are ready and waiting for you. It’s so easy to find these kinds of resources and you can even take lessons with online teachers to further your playing. The guitar has more of these kinds of resources than other instruments thanks to its popularity.

Additional Gear

Just getting a guitar probably won’t be enough if you are truly passionate about the instrument. Accessories are widely available such as pedals, capos and amps that allow you to create even more incredible sounds. Everything is available to a guitarist and a lot of the extra gear that goes along with the instrument is also fully customizable too.

Beginner Instrument

Many musicians will say that the first instrument they ever came into contact with was the guitar. The music theory that goes along with guitar allows for someone to learn by themselves. With other instruments like the violin or piano, you would need lessons rather than figure it out alone. The music that is played on the guitar is not overly complex either. You don’t have to rely on a backlog of musical knowledge to know how to pluck the strings. This is why the guitar works so well as an instrument for a beginner.

Easier Basics

No instrument is particularly easy and it will mean you have to invest time and effort if you want to play well. However, with the guitar the basic skills you need to play are easy to learn. The neck of the guitar has frets which mark out the semi-tones so they can be easily found without too much trouble. You don’t need to rely on any sort of musical talent to find out where the half-step notes are. Not all guitar music is simple but the basics are easier than if you were to learn another instrument. We are so exposed to the guitar in this modern age because it is included in almost every popular song available today.


It’s obvious that the guitar is an incredibly popular instrument. It’s risen up the ranks in the music world over the years and is definitely at the top of that list now. Looking through history, it’s not always been a popular instrument. It was the emergence of rock and roll as well as blues music that first put the guitar on our radar.

While it is still more than likely that a child would be offered piano lessons at school, in the past seventy years the overall popularity of the guitar has definitely risen. Guitars are now seen to be cool and part of the rock and roll lifestyle. It’s rare we can name a really famous piano player but guitar players that we know the name and work of incredibly common.

A lot of people will say that the piano is the number one most popular instrument but we still think the guitar belongs at the top of this list. The versatility and modernness of the piece will appeal to a younger crowd as it has inspired generations past too. No other instrument can truly claim to have changed the lives of so many different people. Let us know your favorite instrument and why you think the guitar is the best out there today.


Why is the guitar so special?

The guitar is such a special instrument because of its versatility and different types. You can play acoustic or electric guitar and learn to play all types of genres on these six strings. There is so much more expression you can put across with your guitar that isn’t achievable with other instruments. You also get to fully customize it with different accessories and color options.

Why is the guitar important?

It’s an important instrument in the music world because it’s used as the base for many different music types. Guitar players add a lot of versatility into music and can span a lot of different genres which makes it an almost vital instrument for popular music. The guitar is usually one of the first instruments we are exposed to as children and we’re exposed to it almost every day with its popularity in modern music.

Is guitar the most popular instrument?

Guitar and piano are probably in competition for the most popular instruments. Many online sites will list the piano as being the most popular but this is down to its rich history. The guitar has only risen in fame over the past seventy years so we’re sure that it will reach the top of the list in no time with how popular it is becoming.

What is the best instrument?

As we’ve written this article about, we believe the guitar is one of the best instruments because it can be easy to learn and gives you lots of music options. However, it’s hard to have an absolute favorite because all instruments are great. There isn’t one instrument out there that no one like because the world of music is so brilliant.