The Best Roll up Pianos of 2019: Review and Buying Guide

Our modern world is evolving at a crazy pace – and everything from food to cars has become smaller, smarter and faster. Convenience and adaptability are at the order of the day, and products across the world have been designed and redesigned to meet the average consumer’s needs in this regard.

The piano, invented somewhere in the late 1600s by a gentleman named Bartolomeo Cristofori, has also come a long way since its inception. From grand old instruments played by Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, to more modern keyboards, digital pianos, and synths used by Bieber, Bon Jovi, and Billy Joel… But, the evolution of the piano is far from over, as the recent introduction of roll-up pianos proves.

Roll up pianos are lighter and easier to carry around due to their roll up keyboards. Portability is great, but their piano-like characteristics and excellent sound qualities are just as phenomenal. Sure, a roll up piano is not a baby grand – but it is much more than a silly toy.

Still skeptical? In this article, we’ll explain the design elements and benefits that make the roll up piano one of the best musical inventions of our time, before visiting the electronic malls to window shop and review some of the best roll up pianos on the market today.

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The Best Piano for Kids – Review & Buying Guide

Giving your child practical exposure to music at a young age could have a major impact on his or her future development. But, how do you do that? What do you look for? What would be the best piano to unleash the inner-Mozart in your young one?

We’ve got you covered!

From the best toy pianos to serious instruments that children can play for many years, the market is flooded with options when it comes to pianos for kids. If you’re looking for the best piano for kids, you’ve come to the right place. In this review and buying guide, we’ll take you through the important things that make for a good piano for kids, and look at the different designs and elements of the ideal piano for your toddler, bearing the best age-appropriate options on the market for kids in different age groups in mind.

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Best Digital Pianos Under $1000: An Introduction to Intermediate Level Digital Pianos

As a musician, it gets to a stage in your musical career where you have to think about upgrading your equipment.

Perhaps the gear you’re using is a little outdated, or maybe your skills have progressed to the point where you need to something that can better accommodate your abilities.

Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to something new.

Whatever the case may be, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite digital pianos under the $1000 mark.

A majority of the digital pianos in this list are geared towards intermediate players as we feel that they adequately suit their needs.

However, even as a beginner you can go ahead and grab one of these if they feel right by you.

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Best Digital Pianos Under $500: A Beginner’s Guide to Quality and Affordability

Purchasing your first digital piano can be a bit of a daunting prospect, especially if you’re a beginner and you’re not 100% certain which particular model to buy. Thanks to the growth of the music industry we are no spoiled for choice, the number of brands and options available are at an all time high and more instrument makers are coming out of the woodwork on an almost daily basis.

There are many considerations to take into account before purchasing any instrument including the make and brand name, the cost and even the appearance (because let’s face it, if you’re going to be using something almost daily then at the very least it should be visually pleasing to look at)

That being said, we’ve gone ahead and helped make your life easier by putting together this buying guide of the best digital pianos under the $500 mark. Though this guide is geared towards the beginner player looking to purchase their first digital piano, anyone can use this guide as a starting point on their quest to acquire an instrument they’re happy with.

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