Kawai ES8 Review: The Most Realistic Keyboard Below $2,000?

Kawai ES8 digital piano is an incredible keyboard with a natural keyboard action and excellent piano sound, featuring the Responsive Hammer 3 (RH3) action, with superior Harmonic Imaging XL Sound Technology which recreates the feel of an acoustic piano.

It is portable, stylish, and contains 3-sensor technology which enhances the playing experience by making it highly responsive. This piano also offers the concert grand playing experience with the latest Shigeru Kawai piano samples.

Although, it is heavy with a weight of 49lbs, despite being portable, but when you place it on a stable stand, you’ll care less about the weight.

Kawai ES8 is one of the best digital pianos with a price of less than $2000, featuring a let-off simulation, imitating the sensation of the keys of a grand piano. 

Now, let’s go into an in-depth review of the ES8 digital piano. In this Kawai ES-8 review, I will consider its many great features, design, strengths, weaknesses, and what makes it different from others.

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Kawai ES110 Review: Budget-Friendly Digital Piano

Recently, Kawai introduced an excellent addition to its ES range – the Kawai ES110 digital piano. Kawai ES110 is a super portable digital piano which combines the class-leading authentic Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard action with Harmonic Imaging 88-keys piano sampling and built-in Bluetooth connectivity, to give a gig-friendly real piano feel, touch, and sound at a very affordable price.

Kawai is well-known for manufacturing high-quality musical instruments for several years, and their ES range include the advanced ES8, and the ES110 which has replaced its predecessor, the ES100 digital piano.

There are lots of improvements on the ES110 over the ES100 which include a new Response Hammer Compact keyboard action, redesigned speaker output, and a Bluetooth MIDI Interface. 

The Kawai ES-110 digital piano offers the authentic sound of Kawai’s Concert Grand piano, with its 88-keys recorded, analyzed, and recreated using the improved Harmonic Imaging Technology. This process accurately reproduces the dynamic range of a real grand piano, thereby giving players a good opportunity to express their talents ranging from the softest pianissimo to the strongest fortissimo.

This Kawai ES110 review will prove to you that the instrument has all the vital features of a real Concert Grand Piano.

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