Korg D1 Review – One of the Best Digital Pianos for the Price?

Korg is a brand that’s synonymous with quality audio. They are known for creating some incredibly good pieces of music equipment including synthesizers. When you read korg keyboards reviews, you don’t usually associate them with budget products. The band makes great audio equipment but doesn’t usually occupy the cheap end of the market. The Korg D1 is perhaps the exception.

This is a digital piano that is designed to be affordable and portable, and while it is quite a simple design, it has some cool features as we’re exploring in our Korg D1 review. Read on to find out how this piano packs in professional quality at a competitive price.

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Korg SV1 Review – Exploring The Digital Piano with a Synth Feel

The Korg SV1 is a reliable digital piano/keyboard which is designed mainly for stage use. In truth, this is a very versatile product which can be used in a variety of scenarios as a musician.

The Korg SV1 88 key is the main model that people tend to purchase, however, there is also a Korg SV1 73 model. As you would expect, this has 73 keys instead of 88 and this is great for stage use as it is compact and more portable.

When you hear the words ‘digital piano’ you probably don’t instantly think of Korg. The brand is best known for synthesizers and other music gear, but don’t let that fool you, this piano deserves attention as it has some good features.

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Korg C1 Air Review: Elegant and Affordable with a Great Sound

Most quality and affordable digital pianos are made by Korg for both beginners and experienced players. The Korg C1 Air is one of their best digital pianos packaged elegantly in a cabinet, with a weight of about 35kg (77lbs), and consuming less space in your home.

It has a Bluetooth compatibility feature where the word “Air” is derived from. This important feature will be discussed later in the review. 

The Korg C1 Air was launched into the market after the G1 Air was released, and it is more affordable and simplified compared to its predecessor. Certainly, Korg has put in more effort in the manufacture of C1 Air to the maximum satisfaction of its customers.

But, can this newly released digital piano by Korg give you satisfaction in terms of your money and time? You’ll surely realized that in this Korg C1 Air review where I’ve packaged all the essential features that it offers.

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Korg B1 Review: Simple Piano with Great Sound

Korg B1 digital piano released in 2017, is an entry-level, 88-keys digital piano with a Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard, 120-note polyphony, 18W built-in speakers, and it uses Stereo PCM to generate tones.

If you are a beginner or an amateur player, you need to experience this awesome digital piano. It is cost-effective, light, compact, and can take care of all your piano needs. It has a streamlined design which offers the main features that any pianist may look for in a keyboard.

It comes with a superb and superior sound, real keyboard touch, great design that adds color to your home interior, and it’s easy to use. 

Keyboards and digital pianos from Korg are known to be affordable, with a nice design and good quality. It is not a very popular brand compared to Yamaha or Casio digital pianos of the same price range. For this reason, the company, Korg is working very hard to maintain the competition by offering new innovations.

In this Korg B1 review, I’ll list out and explain all the features it offers for a good playing experience and compare it with its competitors such as Yamaha and Casio.

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Korg G1 Air Review: Best Home Digital Piano Under $2000?

Korg has really stepped up in manufacturing a more sophisticated digital piano of this caliber. With the release of Korg G1 Air digital piano, a new standard has been set in the world of digital pianos, with an unforgettable playing experience and unparalleled sound.

Korg G1 Air offers an advanced level of musical expressions to the player, with a dynamic feel of a Concert Grand piano, which will surely change the players perception of digital pianos. This unique digital piano created by Korg has a good response keyboard from gentle pianissimo to powerful fortissimo, with an advanced technology and a beautifully designed cabinet-style stand.

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